Money Saving Tips: Join Groupon

The is a money saving tip that I recommend doing immediately! If you don’t have an account yet at Groupon then you need to sign up immediately! That’s right click here to signup for your FREE account and instantly start saving money with online coupons and local promotions.

Groupon has some of the best deals on products and restaurants online. You can often find gift cards selling at half price and you can easily search for deals and offers by category. Enjoy the savings!

New Blockchain ETFs

It was inevitable. Investors were looking for ways to invest in blockchain technology without the risk associated with individual stocks. Thus we have a big demand for blockchain ETFs. The first two to hit the market recently trade under the symbols BLOK and BLCN. Cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain technology but investing in cryptocurrencies can have major risks due to the high volatility. Many investors feel that a better way is to invest in the technology behind this rising phenomenon and these new blockchain ETFs provide a way for investors to do just that.

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I don’t recommend pouring all your money into blockchain technology, but if you have some extra money to invest it may be worth looking into. I personally have invested some into the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK) and look forward to making a big profit in the long term.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

The rapid rise in the value of cryptocurrency recently has created a great opportunity for investors to make a big profit. Ripple and bitcoin investors can make huge profits.  The market is very volatile however and can be very risky.  One way investors can reduce risk is by investing in an cryptocurrency ETF. One such  ETF is  the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK).  This ETF invests heavily in bitcoin but also invests in other good quality companies to offset the risks.

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